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Clash of Clans Hacks

Best Tips for COC


by February 13, 2018 Clash of Clans Tips

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what i mean by cold blooded in only one golem tanking the killsquad. this gives you more hogs on the backend of the attack to wreck the base with.

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  1. No one can beat u on THUMBNAILS!!😂😂😂😂 NAILED IT!!!👍👍

  2. Thought its my notification…😂😂… btw great content as always

  3. Premium content as always. Great job. More th10 content please.

  4. Supp yt major smokey from onehive invicta here nice video up

  5. جيد جدا احسنة يابطل استمر

  6. Hogs are just recking all th9 and th10 in their ways. If hog attack is successfull; dont need to worry of clean up they will trash all the trash with their hammer (keep some wiz for playing safe). ☺😉😇

  7. GG from leidsch tuig, we are really being stupid and bad

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